Good Morning Starshine

As a recap, my day of travel went like this:

Action Taipei Time Phoenix Time
Get Up Monday 7:00 AM Sunday 4:00PM
Catch Flight Monday 10:55 PM Monday 7:55 AM
Arrive Phoenix Tuesday 1:41 PM Monday 10:41 PM
Arrive at Home Tuesday 4:10 PM Tuesday 1:10 AM

That’s over 30 hours without benefit of more than 40 minutes sleep.

When the shuttle had dropped us and our luggage on the sidewalk outside the house, Michelle, who was in a light dress began complaining it was cold. I got the family inside and I began hauling the luggage in.

One of our bags weighed in at 31.1 Kilos, just .9 Kilos short of the weight limit on a bag, and the others weren’t light, so it took a while for me to haul them inside, mostly on auto-pilot.

As I was outside though, I was still struck at how amazing the stars were. The sky was so big and there were hundreds of stars looking back at me. It’s such a pretty sight and it’s the feeling I always get when camping, when you’re out away from city light pollution and the sky has billions of stars looking back at you. I was also struck by the fact that normally when I’m out at night in Phoenix, I always think how small and starless the night sky is, but not today.

Taipei has no stars and the sky is as small as you can see from one building to the next

On a second note, Michelle was right. We left the house thermostat to keep the house cooled but at a high temperature, since no one was home. When we got inside last night it was very comfortable, but I’m awake now not because I’m trying to get back on schedule, but because I woke up freezing at 5:00AM and all the blankets and such are packed in baby James’ room and I don’t want to disturb him in his sleep.

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