The Return of the Saint

Well, it’s not really “the Return of the Saint”, that name has been taken. It’s the new Saint series currently in production.

James Purefoy, whom I’ve never heard of, is the Saint.

The Saint and Leslie Charteris Blog => James Purefoy To Play Simon Templar in The Saint

James Purefoy, who played Mark Antony in “Rome” is set to play the new Simon Templar in the forthcoming TV series of The Saint.

Bill Macdonald tells (the official website of The Saint Club) that his team is prepping a two-hour pilot for a European shoot. The reason for shooting in Europe is the current strike situation in U.S. would otherwise hold up production. Shooting in Berlin and Australia begins in April.

All I can say is, please, please, please don’t screw this series up. So far, the little info coming out of the production is mixed.

Going back to the original premise of the Saint being a vigilante, good.
Bringing back Patricia Holm, bad. Didn’t work all that well in the earliest stories and no wonder Charteris dropped her. She was drag on the story.
New actor, someone who was considered a 007 candidate and British, good. (I was really worried he’d be from Texas in this new version.)

This is their chance to expunge that pile of crap movie with that egotistical fart from Real Genius from the collective memory of the world. Best of luck!

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