The Anomalies come to America!

When we were in Taiwan last time, do you know what I saw on TV?


That’s right, Taiwan gets Primeval! The United States doesn’t. Now, the second series of Primeval has been an enormous letdown for me, but it’s still better than most of the crap on US TV (and that’s before the writer’s strike!, and that’s why I’m pleased as punch to report that BBC America has finally snatched up the first two series of Primeval for airing later this year.

BBC Worldwide America president Garth Ancier said in a release Friday: “Primeval is a perfect addition to our successful Saturday night menu of sci-fi and adventure. Torchwood and Robin Hoodhave done a tremendous job at the core of our schedule, building ratings and attracting younger viewers to BBC America. We think our audience will be excited by the addition of this prehistoric thriller — one of the latest big hits from the U.K.”


Looks like it will start airing in August. Hopefully it will follow on DVD and I can add it to my collection without having to pick up the Region 2s.