Kitchens – Specifically


So, we have all that new-found (potential) income and Ikea only holds their prices stable in one-year increments, so, come June 30 prices on the rest of our kitchen cabinets were due to jump – or, possibly, be discontinued. In the last week of June we purchased the cabinets to complete our two-phase kitchen renovation.

The problem is the half gets complicated. First, we have to redo the floor, and while I don’t like tile, it is the most practical kitchen floor in this neck of the woods. So everything has to come out of the kitchen, cabinets, stove, refrigerator, freezer – everything.

We also have to deal with the soffits, which need to be removed, and some plumbing, which was inconveniently short-cut through there. Then, since we’re cutting into the plumbing, we’re getting water run for the refrigerator’s ice maker. After all that, we can put the cabinets back.

Work on that started today. Apart from one mishap when the water got turned on for the house but the (disconnected) kitchen supply lines weren’t closed – which I noticed when the water started pouring under the door into my computer room. – it’s gone pretty well today.

But the house is a mess, and we’re going to be eating out for the next week, at least.