Freedom From Religion Foundation Billboards


The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Imagine No Religion” billboards have gone up in a few places around the Phoenix. One of them is near Indian School and 23rd Street – which I happen to drive past each and every day – and had never seen it. My friend, John, and I were even in the area a couple times for lunch and didn’t see it.

We saw every other billboard in the area, but not that one. We were beginning to suspect that the whole controversy was a clever ploy to get atheists to pay more attention to billboard advertising.

Finally, however, this week we went searching until we found it. (See John here doing his very best Jimmy Olsen imitation with the camera.)

This morning, quite by accident on my way back from a meeting down at the State Capital, I passed another on 19th Ave, near the I-10.

When you’re looking for one, you can’t find one. When you don’t need one, they’re everywhere.