First Phoenix Light Rail Accident?

First Phoenix Light Rail Accident?Driving south on 19th Ave today, I saw this amusing situation. I wasn’t in a position to take a picture except through my mirror as I reached the first stop light. What you can kind of see in the blow up is that the white car has managed to beach itself on the curb that prevents you from driving onto the train tracks. The curb is so high that the car’s tires cannot reach the ground.

It’s a little fun to try to figure out how he managed this stunt. If you look in the main photo, you’ll see on the left the where it is painted yellow. This is the nearest point where it would have been low enough for this guy to get over it. My guess is that he attempted to drive with one wheel on the curb and failed. Otherwise, I’d think his wheels would be showing damage. If he did that, he made about 50 feet before stranding himself.

Seems little likelihood that there’s any way he could be in this predicament without a certain modicum of stupidity being involved.

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