New Immigration Problems

A lot has been said about the problem with illegal immigrants coming up from Mexico and there’s a lot of mindless polemic on both sides, which I shall not address here.

If you live somewhere like Phoenix where the numbers of immigrants (both legal and illegal) is high, you may have noticed that the recent economic downturn, combined with tougher enforcement seems to have turned parts of town into virtual ghost towns.

But I want to talk about how this inconveniences me.

I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken today and, for the first time in ages, everybody working there appeared to be… um… ethnically and linguistically of a background which would commonly be considered European-descended caucasion US citizens.

The problem is, now that the Mexicans are gone, they’ve had to hire the moron population to take their jobs.

It took 19 minutes to fill our order, of which they had plenty ready food on hand.

It took one of the staffers a full minute to put 2 pieces of chicken and 2 scoups of macaroni on a plate.

We’re all going to starve!