Is this logical?

Why on earth would the city of Phoenix send out a work crew to start work replacing a perfectly good fire hydrant with another fire hydrant at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon?

Like how they mostly block off my driveway?

Update: 6:30, it’s getting dark and they’re still sitting around in the hole. At least the heavy machinery has stopped.

Update: 9:30
I can’t take it anymore. The curiosity is killing me. What’s wrong with my existing fire hydrant? What could go wrong? Why plop in with a backhoe and tear up my neighbor’s lawn just to replace it?

I finally ask one of the workers. I’m told that Phoenix has 21 different types of fire hydrants. The city has decided they only want 4 types of hydrant. As the worker said, “My boss tells me to replace ’em, so I do. ”

This raises lots of questions, chief of which is, “Is this really necessary in this time of extreme budget crunch?”. “Was the fire department having some sort of problems with the hydrants, if so, was it house safe? If not, why is my tax money being wasted?”

Something is wrong here.