Indoor Sonic Boom?

Sonic Drive-ins are an interesting bit of Americana. Emulating old episodes of Happy Days, these restaurants are designed fir you to drive up, park, order through a speaker next to your car and then your food us delivered right to the car where you proceed to eat it.

Personally, apart from the novelty, I hate that arrangement. I don’t like eating in a car, which makes the experience a non-starter for me.

On the other hand, the have an interesting drinks selection and a couple food items that I quite like. Net result: I probably eat at a Sonic once a year. Considering that I eat at McDonald’s 15-24 times a year and I like Sonic’s food a lot better, I consider them to be a failed concept in fast food deployment.

Today we spied something new: a Sonic without the drive-in. It was actually an indoor restaurant with a drive-through.

You order through red Soviet Hotline looking phones on the tables and the “carhop” brings the food to your table.

Weird, but if they had these closer to my home, McDonald’s would be loosijg some business.

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