I never thought I’d see…

While I was out at lunch today, I got a text message from a friend informing me of something truly amazing, the text read: “England vs Stanford Superstars is on ESPN2 (20v20 cricket).”

Could that be true? Could Stanford and his millions have enough pull that a cricket match would be shown on American television?!

I rushed home, arriving about 15-20 minutes into the 2 hour highlights program just in time to see England lose their second, third and fourth wickets, including the mighty Kevin Peterson, before I got the TV warmed up and myself comfortable on the sofa.

What followed was the second most embarrassing display of cricket I’ve ever seen, England were all out for 99.

What followed was both opening batsmen for Standford’s Superstars carrying their bats to an easy victory in about 10 overs. The Superstars won by 10 wickets.

If the England team were Japanese, they’d have to commit suicide.

All-in-all, not the best introduction to cricket for American audiences. I wonder if they’ll ever repeat the experiment.