Firsts for boys

One of those inconvenient truths about parenting is that awkward time between potty training and actually being able to use a public restroom unaided.

With Michelle I was able to escape that duty fairly easily. I only had to take her to a men’s room two or three times before she could go unassisted to the women’s room.

James, for the most part, has also “gone with mommy” but considerably more often he’s wanted to go with me and I have no good excuse not to take him.

Obviously, the art of standing up to urinate is something probably best taught father to son.

This is something that James already knows how to do but today was something different. Today is the first time James had to use a urinal. The event was forced on him by a “standing room only” condition in the stalls.

No pictures of the momentous occaision. (To, no doubt, the relief of the entire world.)