Every good idea…

I used to eat at Fuddruckers once or twice a month and in addition to giving you a pager, they’d ask your name to call out. (How does that make sense?)

Every trip was a new adventure in bad spelling. It was unbelievable how many ways they could misspell “Eugene.”

I actually started collecting the receipts with an eye towards blogging them because they were so outlandish.

Now, everytime they’d ask, I’d already handed them my credit card, turned conspicuously so they could read my name. This isn’t just Fuddrucker’s that fails to look at the obvious (and definitive) place to get the name, it’s pretty much everywhere.

Last weekend, we stopped into Venezio’s pizza and the girl at the counter took my card, looked at it and said, “Is the name on this order ‘Eugene’?”

I was so impressed I complimented the girl on the spot for being the first person ever to read my name off the credit card.

Today, after our Light Rail adventure, we stopped in Fuddrucker’s and, miracle of miracles, the guy took my name off my credit card! I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even ask me if that was the right name.

Funnier still: He still misspelled my name as “Eugine”.