More Horrors Await You

IMG_0015Yet another new frontier awaits!

If it wasn’t bad enough that we invaded local television with the TV program Fusion Patrol many years ago, and now we’ve launched the almost-totally-unrelated Fusion Patrol Podcast for your Internet and iPod entertainment, now it looks like Apple is opening the iBookstore to self-published books.

I had this idea for a yet-even-more-totally-unrelated Fusion Patrol book… perhaps I should finish writing it while I’m in Taiwan.

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

You don’t need a publisher, distributor, agent or anything else for that matter. You can decide how much to charge and which countries (that have an iBook store) to sell into. You also get the same deal as the app publishers, meaning that Apple takes 30% and you keep 70% of the revenue.

I’m there! Well… writing and finishing a book is probably the easiest part. I’m sure any author will agree…. 😉