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Doctor Who on the Wii

Honestly, this is in the Sun, which makes it about as reliable as Fox News, but, supposedly, Doctor Who will be coming to the Wii for Xmas.

Apparently, the project has been in the works for a while, but the developers just can’t get into the “spirit” of Doctor Who.

Former Doctor David Tennant said the game had struggled to get off the ground as some developers had wanted the Time Lord to beat up his enemies and blow things up.

Who chiefs prefer the Doc to defeat baddies using his cunning rather than his fists.

David said: “The video game was quite actively developed, but it’s difficult to nail as the Doctor doesn’t blow things up.

He’s not Batman, who goes around smacking people in the head.”

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I suppose they were having trouble with the idea that a “sonic screwdriver” is a tool, not a kung fu attack move.

WII Madness

Some friends of ours recently went to Taiwan for a wedding. During their stay, the husband, Phil, apparently spent his time playing WII games. He was clearly addicted because as soon as they returned, he started hunting for one.

It would seem that even after all this time, the WII is just a bit difficult to find, so it took a couple days, plus mail time. When he got it, he brought it over to show us. (I’m convinced that he wanted to bring it over because his wife and three-year old daughter were not a suitable challenge for him at WII Baseball.)

After playing it for most of a day, apart from the 3 days of agonizing muscle aches afterwards, I can see why it’s such a strong product. I’ve got no piercingly insightful thoughts, WII has simple foregone state-of-the-art graphics in favor of state-of-the art player interaction. It make for some fun games that the whole family can play.

So, of course, I had to buy one.

We spent a few days waiting to find one available online, and when we found one, ordered it. It was scheduled to arrive between June 4 and June 12, after we’ve returned from vacation.

Hopefully, my muscles haven’t softened up again and I won’t experience days of pain again.