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Shameless Plug for Ghost House

Here it is. Ghost House… a short video we did for Fusion Patrol some years ago. Back then, we were making fun of Taiwanese and Japanese ghost shows, which usually ran a couple hours and consisted of placing two girls in an abandoned house in the dark and waiting for them to get scared of something. Afterwards, they’d find some dust floating in the air, or paradolia in a window or something and declaring it a real haunting.
Little did we know that these programs would be adapted and polluting American TV screens in the near future.
Why am I posting it to the site today? I was looking over some new YouTube demographic tools after I posted the earlier video today and, Ghost House is our most popular video, without over 100,000 views – and, if the tools are to be believed, 56,000 of them are from schoolgirls in France (age 13-17.)
This makes sense of why at one point my YouTube account suddenly became French.
I still love the comments on Ghost House… a video, clearly labeled as “comedy” and so obviously (obviously!) staged, still has people believing it’s real. (I loved the comment from the guy who said people like us give “serious” ghost hunters a bad name. Ha!