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Charlie Brooker on Psychics and Creationism

I’ve only recently heard of Charlie Brooker, when one of his videos concerning how news reports are made went viral (or at least viral in the circles I follow.)

Since then, I’ve been “catching up” with his series, Screenwipe and Newswipe where he has a very refreshingly incisive view of television and the news.

Here he is in the newspaper, too, waxing very sensible about psychics (and creationism, too):

I mean, if you want to believe in psychics, fine. You’re a dangerous idiot and I wouldn’t trust you to operate a spoon without putting an eye out … but fine. Your choice. Delude yourself silly. Your world is probably more fun than the real one. There’s no death, just an afterlife filled with magic spirits who like to communicate with eerie, ugly, otherwise-unemployable bottom-of-the-barrel “showmen” back on Earth.

But don’t accuse anyone with the temerity to question your sad supernatural fantasies of having a “closed mind” or being “blind to possibilities”. A closed mind asks no questions, unthinkingly accepting that which it wants to believe. The blindness is all yours.

From The Guardian – When it comes to psychics, my stance is hardcore: they must die alone in windowless cells, by Charlie Brooker.